Table 1

Patient characteristics in each group

Group AGroup BGroup CSignificance
Patients (n)476560566
Age (years)48±23.749±2449±23.7N.S.
 ISS 0–15 (n)248319282
 ISS 16–25 (n)123127155
 ISS 26–40 (n)7692101
 ISS 41– (n)292227
Patients with RBC transfusion (n)104115114N.S.
Patients with RBC ≥10 U transfusion (n)444459N.S.
Transfusion units of RBC (n)11.0±11.110.5±10.513.2±13.9N.S.
Transfusion units of FFP (n)13.5±11.312.0±10.215.7±15.4N.S.
Transfusion units of PC (n)24.6±12.322.4±7.924.7±11.9N.S.
Patients treated with FC (n)03035N.S.
  • The data are presented as the number (n) or the mean±SD.

  • FC, fibrinogen concentrate; FFP, fresh frozen plasma; ISS, Injury severity score; N.S., not significant at a level of p ≥0.05; PC, platelet concentrate; RBC, red blood cell concentrate.